it’s real. it’s really real.

the background should be a thousand glittery blingees 10/10 bEST OPTION HERE

ah yes, that is exactly the sort of thing i was going for

and because any text post with blingees and riboku must include

its beautiful

omfg cas i am never going to get used to not seeing that on your blog now

i already miss it but i want to try something new that’s a little less in your face

heyeayayeayjbgskflh grifs was beautiful tho

not sure if i should put another picture up on the background though; the black seems very empty but that’s probably cause im not used to it yet…

the black may be fun though; people won’t expect it when i start spouting crack

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"You could never be a dragon."

"You could never be a dragon."

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12 days of berserk / / day 05 - band of the hawk or neo band of the hawk


Madeira Island, PortugalFrancisco Gonçalves


Madeira Island, Portugal
Francisco Gonçalves